Our Kitchen Renovation

Welcome to the kitchen tour of a ski chalet that we call home

We have lived a long time with a very 70's style kitchen. Oh yes, some lovely 'honey' coloured wood  going on and with wood ceilings throughout the house we had to work hard to get some light flowing into this space. It felt dark and dingy.
And at the same time, this isn't a big kitchen. The original space ended to the right of the fridge with a wall running out to create a dark hallway down to the door you see to the right of the fridge. That door opened to the bathroom and it used to drive me crazy since it always got left open.

So, this is the before.... dirty looking ceramic, no storage....

One window into the space which let in very little light .....

After a lot of gutting, re-wiring and planning we developed a kitchen that is practical, economical and pleasing to the eye. Our budget was very tight so it meant we needed to consider re-purposing whenever possible.
The counter on the island above became counters on either side of the stove in the new kitchen and the island got cut down and turned into a wood box next to the fireplace.
Our favourite part of the old kitchen was the blackboard wall which was re-created on the cupboard doors in the new pantry.
The first image is of the pantry which meant we had to create a hole in the wall where you see the toaster on the counter in the first image. The space behind that wall was the old bathroom slash laundry area.

New pantry space with washer and dryer under the yellow striped curtain.

This little pantry is tucked away off the kitchen and is a great spot
to prep food during a party.
Or just hide away all that "stuff" you want out of the way.
It also makes a great baking station.
 We kept the old cupboards and simply painted them out in black chalkboard paint and added new hardware.

Update: We remove the old cupboard in the pantry with the blackboard paint and replaced it with open shelving. We are loving this change. It opens up the space more and the white brightens it all up. 
Oh and convenient!!

The door you see below is also in the pantry and now the new entrance to the bathroom. It is a sliding barn-style door which helps keep the space functional.... and the door closed! ;)

We love to cook and this kitchen is really the centre of our home....remembering that our main floor is open concept.

The windows and the white cupboards allow the light to fill the entire kitchen now..
and of course a small home with a small kitchen means you need to be practical and well-organized.
 The old track lighting was removed and the glass lighting over the island now allows the space to maintain an airy feel while providing a nice modern contrast to the wood ceilings.

Another design choice that was economical and provided big impact was the inclusion of creamy white subway tiles from floor to ceiling.
Given that the main floor is open concept we decided to go with one floor throughout the whole space so a brown maple hardwood floor was installed in a waxed finish.
And....we love it....

We topped it off with red persian rugs in different locations around the kitchen.
You can click here or on the image below if you want to see what colour that wicker chair is now...
updated colour and a fresher look.

The old island counter top became the counters on either side of the stove.

They add a nice rustic touch to the space and are easily cared for.

 The addition of polished stainless steel counters along the one wall
 provides for some reflective features which again pulls light in from outside.
The fact that this area is where all the washing up takes place the SS lends itself again to a more practical function in the kitchen and the price was right. (SS counter $255)

Oh boy, that door in the above image is on its way out. That is next on the list.

Practical was our mantra given the size of our space
so everything had to have its assigned place.
The cooking station above is home to all the gadgets and
necessities of preparing a good feast! 
And it is right off the dining room.

...and the living room

Our home is open concept so the kitchen truly becomes the central focus of our home
as it is seen from every vantage point on the main floor.
The wood ceiling that is reflected in this early evening light provides a warm contrast to the white that now dominates the space.
Planning and sticking to a tight budget...
made this renovation
fun and rewarding!

If you want to see more of the details then
just click on the image below
 and off you go!
Really, I don't mind!

Thanks for dropping by
et à tantôt!



  1. Your kitchen exudes warmth and the idea of "home." I especially like the use of stainless steel and worn wood, and white and black lending lightness to the design. I'm sure you and your family are enjoying every moment. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you. We truly do love our home and have always enjoyed making it "our" home with a collection of items that have some form of "story" to provide meaning. It takes time of course, but the kitchen being the heart of our home has certainly given us a particular desire to get it right...well, right for us.

  2. You did a beautiful job. I really like it. I am moving into my home on Ile d Orleans in July, you have given some inspiration. Looking to see more of your work.....

    1. Thank you Carole. Your Google status says you are from California? How is it that a Californian moves to Île d'Orléans? Enjoy!!

  3. I love what you did with your kitchen, especially the changing curtain in your pantry, that can change according to the season or the mood! Thanks for visiting the Little White House. A tout bientôt, your newest follower, Magali.

  4. That's very cute. You say that you stuck to a very tight budget, if you don't mind me asking, what was your budget?


    1. Hi there Lori. If you send me your email I can break it down for you but a general figure would be about 15,000. which includes all labour, cupboards, electricity, plumbing, countertops, hardware, lighting etc. Does that seem high to you?

    2. That is around my budget for my impending DIY kitchen remodel...using IKEA cabinets...doing as much work as I possibly can myself...hope mine turns out half as cool as yours! Great job!

  5. Just had to look again and say again how adorable your kitchen is. You did a great job! Sue

  6. Wow! I think the finished kitchen looks really great! I do have to hand it over to you guys for repurposing the chalkboard as cupboard doors. I think it is a very ingenious idea! I love what you have done with your kitchen. You guys made it look light, airy and very functional.
    Arthur Bryant

  7. I love it! We are starting to plan our kitchen reno now and cabinet drawers are a must! Love the way you brought together different finishes to make it all look pretty and functional. Pinning!


  8. Your kitchen is beautiful - I saw it on The Kitchn. Where are the glass lights from? So lovely!


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