Thursday, October 2, 2014

Boys Trip

It has been a struggle to get my office completed.
Immediately after initiating the process of finding me a table that could work as a desk,
and considering the possibilities of the room layout....
we were thrown into a whirlwind of preparation for a father/son voyage.

They were both invited on a "boys" trip to Greenland and Northern Labrador
which meant 14 days on a ship sailing through the fjords of Greenland
and then crossing the Davis Strait to Nunavut
and subsequently down the coast of Labrador
to Fogo Island and Newfoundland.

That meant planning appropriate attire for transport between ship and land....
Zodiacs are known for getting you wet and exposing you to the elements.

That is one of the zodiacs in the lower right hand corner of the image below.
Look closely. :)

It was one of those...once in a lifetime type of trips
and of course the fact that this was a father/son/uncle/grandfather trip....
made it even more special.

The subject matter is spectacular although the camera was fairly cheap so the quality is not great.
I sort of regret them not taking the digital camera but I had already replaced that camera after an adventure at sea....soooooo... cheap pocket version went on the trip.

I found myself wondering as I went through these images,
the impact this trip would have on my 20 year old son.
What is happening in the northern hemisphere
had certainly not escaped him but seeing it first hand is quite something.

I love this shot of him strolling across the tundra.
He has always wanted to see this part of the world since he was a small child.

I think the beauty is so raw yet majestically large.

I know they were glad that they took time to pack well.....woolies, rain gear....
The temperatures varied but for the most part they were well equiped.

I was glad to see they took some photos for me of the homes.
What a beautiful shot of Kangaamiut in Greenland with its wide array of colour.
Apparently this was a magical spot for them.

Nuuk, which was day 3 of their voyage, is also beautifully painted with colourful homes.
Apparently the storms that blow in off the North Atlantic don't allow for large panoramic windows.
Visitors by sea are certainly welcomed to shore by a beautiful display that apparently stands out at a distance.

Do you think those fences would keep out this big guy? (below)
Apparently this polar bear was eating a seal and not too interested in them.
They were fortunately on the boat at this point.

All in all, the trip of a lifetime.
And one that these two will remember for a long time to come.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Ramblings

Well, I would like to have a pic up front here of my new office
it is still a work in progress.

All of a sudden I realized that I have the other end as well to consider...
sleeping quarters....
and I will admit
that got me quite excited,
yet distracted at the same time.

Of course outside changes are happening
faster than inside
but who would ever consider competing with Mother Nature....
not me, of course.

I am quite happy to let her guide me into the new season
which of course means some fall clothing purchases.
I picked up this coat from one of my favourite on-line stores. (click above to go to link)

I had to find a new pair of fall boots to go with it....
since a particular young lady has taken over my other boots. :)

These were a real deal from Winners.
I may find myself going back to pick up a pair of Frye boots that have been on my wish list for some time now.

And as far as the sleeping end of the office room...
well, I found this on kijiji and I plan to experiment over the weekend with the possibility of
covering it with batting and material...
hmmm.... ideas are flowing on this one.

So, that's it...

I love this time of year.
Creating piles of clothing to donate to Village des Valeurs...
organizing my closet,
working on the office and guest room
and walking the dog.

La vie est belle!!
How about you,
Is fall happening or are you still in the heat of summer?

Friday, September 5, 2014

Office Study

Well, this process is somewhat more challenging than anticipated.
I found the chair and am excited with the possiblities given a can of paint.
I am actually thinking outside of my rather white and beige box on that one.

I don't want to reveal anything yet
let's just say that I have been getting my inspiration from this great office in bedroom shot below.

Hooked on Houses (click above and below to go to site)

Yes, well, I did not say that my office space would be totally original, right?

I have searched high and low for the perfect table/desk such as this one but it has not been easy.
Almost snagged one the other day but somebody beat me to it.
Yes, I still love kijiji.
But that hunt is often all about timing.
I am now looking in 2nd hand stores
the odd antique store.

I have the layout figured out.
That has been a big decision.

Does the bed get the window view
does the table?

Well, table won out on that decision.
So, I will have a great view out of a new window on to the garden below.

I hear you.
You want pics....right?
Well, coming.... all in good time.

 Right now my fingers are crossed on this table that could be my desk....
Needs work.... lots of work
but has possibilities,
Don't you think??
and the price is RIGHT.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Project Realities

As the summer months
slowly fade into the background I suddenly realize
that there is a list of projects
lingering in my very near future.

The list has always been there but 
some are more pressing
and others are merely "wanna-do-this" type affairs.

My partner has retired from teaching to take on writing full time.
That means that when I am working from home there will be two of us
working from home.
That could be a problem.

I am the type of individual that can take over the "entire" space quite easily.
I may work in the dining room in the morning
and the living room in the afternoon
and plant myself at the kitchen island in between.
So, the new rule around the house is
main floor is neutral...... 
work-free zone for everyone to enjoy.

So first up on the list is my office situation.
Once upon a time I had an office in the basement which then got taken over by my son who desperately wanted to move his bedroom down there.
I never really made the adjustment to a new office space as there was no pressing need to do so
at the time.

I have considered possibilities of what to do and it basically comes down to his old bedroom
becoming my office slash guest bedroom.

I am hoping to create a blend of office and bedroom
that provides both the visitor and myself a sense of purpose.
Calm and inviting for our guests
inspiring and engaging enough for me to want to go there.

Hmmmmm..... I hear ya.

I like the idea of some touch of drama such as
the effect of the drum shades in the image above.

I also want to blend the necessity of a bookshelf in with some artwork that gives the space
a sense of style.


I am on the hunt for a table that I can transform into a desk.
Drawers are completely unnecessary for me.... I tend to stuff them and leave them.

I know that I will have to steer away from too much "stuff"
as the bedroom side of the room will quickly feel taken over by the office side of the affair.

And I think I will go with the plan of one end office and the other end sleeping quarters.

I sort of know how this all works,
been there before.
I have learned that I cannot deal with the office-in-the-closet scenario,
and that I also don't deal well with a lot of "stuff" on the table,

I also know
that I really do need a sense of solitude in my work environment
plus a hit of drama for pull appeal.

Hmmm.... sounds like I am already at odds in my thinking
but we will see.
Yep, the clock is ticking on this project.
I started back to work.....

Monday, August 18, 2014

Returning Home

I am wondering if you know that feeling you get
when you walk into a party and see a group of people....
well friends actually,
that you have not seen in a long time.

You catch the odd sideways glance and low murmurs from around the room
that bring about a pang of regret
generally you are anxious to pick up where you left off.

With some of the people in the room you are amazed at how quickly you reconnect.
They walk up and start talking to you,
asking questions,
sharing stories
and life goes on,
moves forward.

But with others you experience glimmerings of guilt given that you haven't phoned or connected with them in any way,
to see how they are doing,
how life has treated them,
basically those things that we do to show people that we care.

You know that you cannot interrupt existing conversations to describe
those walks on the beach,
when the mist floated lazily above the sand
creating a haze of perfection
that painted a lighthouse in the distance
and a rock that seemingly portrayed the image of a man.

It is not always easy to explain that you needed time to collect
washed up sea urchins,
and sea glass,
pretty rocks and partially broken shells.

I mean the more you think about it,
the more you realize that while you were breathing in all those rich encounters of sea air,
dinners with friends,
walks on the beach,
swims in the lake,

that they too were most likely immersed in their own discovery
of a summer well spent
perhaps with new friends,
as well as some of the old....
and that like you
they are possibly struggling to capture those experiences in such a way
that they don't
disappear with the changing of seasons,
or the movement of time.

No, the thing is
you realize that
you may need to accept that your sighting of rocks within a rock
held for you
a special meaning at the time
that does not necessarily require appreciation or understanding by others.

So, you look around the room and take in the people,
the surroundings,
and recognize,
that being home and back to what once was
is kind of nice.

You decide that you can reveal some of what you experienced,
slowly over time,
but it will take time.

No, being home, is not bad at all.
You just need to open your eyes and search for what you did not see before.
The novelty that may have always been hidden in the presumed staleness
is all about perception.

Yes, I am glad to be back.

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